Video clip on flocculating glaze on Ceramic Arts Daily!

Thanks to Donna Chung for letting me know that Ceramic Arts Daily posted a video clip from the DVD I did for them. It’s a demo on flocculating glaze. Check it out. One of my favorite visual demos.

More testing

There’s a glaze that has been used by sculpture people for a fleshy surface. Lately Drew Avakian at UF has been looking into it for his constructed pottery. I like the waxy look, an tried it with iron. at 5% iron, it has dramatic thin-to-thick changes from rust to creamy, showing dark slip and breaking a bit on… Continue reading More testing

Testing for treasure

Clean Creek Products is a company that markets materials reclaimed from coal mining. They’ve had a booth at NCECA to showcase their iron and manganese. There is a show coming up that features these materials, and I’ve been working with their iron and manganese to try to get something pretty in a glaze. On top of most… Continue reading Testing for treasure

Glaze tests

My test tiles yielded a few things I thought worth trying. There’s a show coming up that’s about using the recycled iron and/or manganese from Clean Creek Products. Normally, brown is not high on my color favorites list. On majolica glaze, iron is just… brown. So, I was looking for something richer. Amber? Rust? One… Continue reading Glaze tests

Hello world!

For some time I’ve been enjoying the blogs of other people and thinking I should set one up to share various things. Time is always the question, but summer is a good time for me to begin. I’ve just gotten a new Skutt Glaze Tech test kiln, and have been working on some iron and… Continue reading Hello world!