First Slip-stencilled Cups!

I’m off tomorrow to the American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis. I’ll talk with MN potter Kip O’Krongley about her use of a die cutter for stencils on clay. The clay people, shop talk, and good pottery at APF will be wonderful. My die cutter work slowedwhile I finished the APF works, photographed, inventoried, and shipped.  The home page on my web site has links to the gallery of works for that and the upcoming Charlie Cummings Cup show. All majolica works. There’s info about my cheap-and-dirty photo setup used to take the images on the Handouts page of my web site.

I finished the cups for the Craft Emergency Relief Fund/Crimson Laurel Gallery cup show later this fall, curated by educator and low-fire potter, Martina Lantin. I was very excited about using die-cut stencils, and LOVE my Zing die cutter. More when I get back from Minnesota. Natural Disaster: Fire below. See the gallery of all cups for the Disaster, Relief, and Resiliency show at Crimson Laurel (11/1-12/25/13) here:

Natural Disaster: Fire. Die-cut slip stencils on earthenware.
Natural Disaster: Fire. Die-cut slip stencils on earthenware.

By arbuck

Potter, Professor Emerita, Ceramics at University of FL, Gainesville.


  1. Linda,
    I’m late getting to this blog but I have tried using stencils on bisque ware. I have had good luck using self adhesive vinyl in cutting stencils. They adhere very well to bisque. Also, a good trick for removing any paper, card stock, vinyl etc from the sticky mat is to turn your work so that the mat is on top and peel the mat away from your paper, card stock etc. this helps keep the paper from buckling.

  2. Linda, You have done some fabulous designs with the die-cut on the cups. I greatly appreciate you working through the design issues. Of course, the cups do not have the “Arbuckle touch” which would make them your own. Brush painting a leaf or flames would add your signature touch.

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