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The information is presented as-is, and is used at the user's discretion. Ceramic materials and processes should be researched for safety issues before use.

Some files are in PDF format where noted for convenient printing

AMACO Velvets for majolica use PDF
Arbuckle NCECA closing speech - text only: View from the Bridge
Bisque firing PDF
Book list of favorite sources web page or (Word doc)
Ceramic Materials PDF: annotated list of materials
Ceramic Materials for glaze calc PDF - materials, formulas and wts. in condensed table format.
Ceramic Materials flash cards - study aid. See flashcards below.
Chemical Notation PDF
Chinese Dynasties PDF
Clays and Clay Bodies PDF
Clay Earthenware PDF
Clay Midrange PDF
Clay Stoneware PDF
Clay Porcelain PDF
Colorants and Opacifiers PDF
Elements Common in Ceramics PDF
Flashcards for study help.PDF. These should be printed as 2-sided pages, then cut into individual flashcards. The right and left columns are flipped so they print out correctly front-to-back 2-sided.


Ceramic Materials flashcards
Fluxes and Colorants and Opacifiers flashcard set - 3 pgs of flashcards as one 6-page file. Print 2-sided. Updated.
Flashcards to review bisque and reduction firing and related terms. Must be printed 2-sided for things to line up right.

Fluxes PDF
Glaze calc homework problems PDF Answers to homework PDF

GlazChem glaze calc software for PC computers is SADLY no longer available from Bob Wilt. Registered users who lost their code can find a replacement unlock code on his web site. Link to patch to allow use of GlazChem HELP files in Windows 7/10

GlazChem recipe filesand materials from my files as a zipped folder. Add to data tree in GlazChem.   GlazChem files for HyperGlaze Import (learn about HG) for Mac and PC computer users)

GlazChem recipes from my files in html format. Less convenient to use than in GlazChem, but you don't need GlazChem to look at them. Double click the expanded file and it will be readable in your browser. Click on the highlighted recipe, and it will jump down to that info. Many recipes, including info left by visiting artists at UF. I make no claims for safety or efficacy, but am happy to share what I've collected.

Lowfire glaze recipes


Glaze Calc Introduction
Glaze limits
Glaze tests- image and recipes
Glazes for once-fire wood and soda (dry glaze) used at Curaumilla Arts Center, Chile - a great place to workshop
Laser-printed ceramic decals PDF
Laser Decals on UF Shop Glazes PDF - suggested firing temps
Learning to Use Color - article from Studio Potter magazine v. 35 no. 1 (Word)
Majolica and Lowfire PDF
Photographing work

Plaster handout PDF
Professional Practices Resources
  Networking suggestions (Word .doc)
Recommendation and Resume suggestions (Word .doc)
Resume template (Word.doc)

Reduction Firing PDF
Reduction-glazing - UF shop glazes PDF
Re-firing work PDF
Slips and Engobes PDF
Test tiles PDF
  Vocabulary for beginning ceramics students PDF

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