Packing and Shipping

Right after I finished grad school, I decided I needed to refresh my 5-year plan. During school, it was just to do the best I could, work hard, and finish school. Once the end was in sight, I needed to make new goals. It’s so helpful to have some direction when you need to make choices. If… Continue reading Packing and Shipping

IAC Santa Fe

The International Academy of Ceramics had its biennial Assembly in Santa Fe last week. The last 2 were Shanghai and Paris, but sadly I was dealing with knee problems and not traveling. Very glad that with the help of my ace trainer, Kris Gibson, I’m able to bend my knees again and travel to my first IAC… Continue reading IAC Santa Fe

Water, water everywhere

Lindsay Rogers was an established potter and resident at The Energy Exchange before returning to graduate school at University of Florida Ceramics. Tapped by Crimson Laurel Gallery, NC, to curate their fall cup show, Lindsay chose the subject of water, and invited a number of artists with diverse approaches to consider the topic and send works for… Continue reading Water, water everywhere