Majolica with Mayco Stroke & Coat Colors; Mixing Your Own Colors

Someone asked recently about what I’m using for majolica decorating, now that the AMACO GDC colors are discontinued. Thanks to Susan Hunter at C & R Ceramics in Ocala, FL, I was able to test Mayco Stroke & Coat colors on top of my majolica base, fired to cone 03 sitter cone/ small 04 cone… Continue reading Majolica with Mayco Stroke & Coat Colors; Mixing Your Own Colors

Die-cut Stencils for Majolica/Die-Cut Decal Shapes

The blog has been rather neglected for the past  months. I’ve had successful treatment for a second bout of Lyme disease (the ticks and I both like living in the woods), and my husband had a liver tumor removed. So, it was a chewy medical time, and other things had to wait. We are both doing much… Continue reading Die-cut Stencils for Majolica/Die-Cut Decal Shapes

First Slip-stencilled Cups!

I’m off tomorrow to the American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis. I’ll talk with MN potter Kip O’Krongley about her use of a die cutter for stencils on clay. The clay people, shop talk, and good pottery at APF will be wonderful. My die cutter work slowedwhile I finished the APF works, photographed, inventoried, and shipped.  The… Continue reading First Slip-stencilled Cups!

Tyvek Stencils for Pottery Decoration with Zing Die-Cutter

After working with the setup and practice pen, and checking out helpful online videos and reading parts of the very complete Zing die-cutter and Make the Cut software combined manual online (available in an interactive online version here, or a downloadable PDF version here), I set up a page of images from various edited clipart… Continue reading Tyvek Stencils for Pottery Decoration with Zing Die-Cutter

Zing Die-cutter Arrives!

The Accugraphics (Klick-N-Kut) people were kind enough to furnish me with a Zing die-cutter for research and promotional consideration. They had not considered ceramics application for their product, and are curious. The Zing looks like a serious tool. It will cut 14″ wide, and accepts media a bit wider than that. The Silhouette Portrait I wrote about earlier… Continue reading Zing Die-cutter Arrives!

First Cuts

Working with a die-cutter is fascinating for me, but there is a learning curve to climb about the usual ceramic materials and design issues, and then the cutter you use, the material you choose to cut, and the design you want to cut out in relation to how the die-cutter works, the programs to create… Continue reading First Cuts

Mixed news

Welcome to 2013! The month rapidly drawing toward a close. I spent the early part of January at lovely Curaumilla Arts Center, about 45 minutes from Valparaiso, Chile, on a bluff over the Pacific Ocean, making pots with a lovely group of people who included Suze Lindsay and Kent McLaughlin, Randy Johnston and Jan McKeachie Johnston, and… Continue reading Mixed news