First Slip-stencilled Cups!

I’m off tomorrow to the American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis. I’ll talk with MN potter Kip O’Krongley about her use of a die cutter for stencils on clay. The clay people, shop talk, and good pottery at APF will be wonderful. My die cutter work slowedwhile I finished the APF works, photographed, inventoried, and shipped.  The… Continue reading First Slip-stencilled Cups!


Just back from presenting a 2-day workshop at the lovely Peters Valley Craft Center in Layton, NJ. Great people at Peters Valley and in the class. Pretty country location: I saw deer, bunnies, wild turkey, and a heron. They have a big anagama firing coming up next. Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop and… Continue reading Untitled

Images and The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort at the Ogden Museum

Busy morning getting some work shot, invoiced, packed up and off to The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort. The  show will run from Sept. 6th – Dec. 10th at the Ogden Museum at University of New Orleans. NOLA is always a good audience for beauty and comfort, and I’m pleased to be showing up… Continue reading Images and The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort at the Ogden Museum

Feldspar changes

Somone just asked me about a spar substitution. My experience is that for many applications, spar substitutions within the categories of soda spars or pot (potassium) spars have some leeway and will often endure substitutions fairly easily. Unless they don’t. The “pot” or “soda” spar refers to the dominant flux in the feldspar. I suggest… Continue reading Feldspar changes

Testing for treasure

Clean Creek Products is a company that markets materials reclaimed from coal mining. They’ve had a booth at NCECA to showcase their iron and manganese. There is a show coming up that features these materials, and I’ve been working with their iron and manganese to try to get something pretty in a glaze. On top of most… Continue reading Testing for treasure

Hello world!

For some time I’ve been enjoying the blogs of other people and thinking I should set one up to share various things. Time is always the question, but summer is a good time for me to begin. I’ve just gotten a new Skutt Glaze Tech test kiln, and have been working on some iron and… Continue reading Hello world!