Lenzig Forecasts for Autumn 2014/Winter 2015

Lenzig produces color products and has free trend forecasts. People in various industries often pay to subscribe to trend forecasts to help predict trends in style and color when developing products for upcoming seasons. You’ve all gone shopping and seen echoes of the same color palette in a variety of products and stores – they all picked up on trends. Here are Lenzig forecasts for Fall/Winter 2014/2015 – they DO plan that far in advance – thanks to my sister, Robin Wagner, a clothing designer and educator in Los Angeles. While I can’t say I follow color trends overtly, I LOVE to read the color stories they write that reflect an emotional tone and explain the color choices. Often, they’re a bit overblown, but fun, and it helps me to think about color cause and effect in my work. Often trends reflect social and cultural patterns. E.g. after the financial melt-down, people wanted to feel calm and secure, and maybe rich with things they already had. Emphasis was on nesting, rather than going outward because people spending more time at home. Color stories for that time reflected those moods, and made them an asset.

Check out the blurb about the zeitgeist and the colors:


One of Lenzig’s palettes for the upcoming seasons.