Images and The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort at the Ogden Museum

Busy morning getting some work shot, invoiced, packed up and off to The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort. The  show will run from Sept. 6th – Dec. 10th at the Ogden Museum at University of New Orleans. NOLA is always a good audience for beauty and comfort, and I’m pleased to be showing up… Continue reading Images and The Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort at the Ogden Museum

Working with drop molds with Chris Pickett

The web site is the 21st-century’s business card. UF Ceramics MFA alumnus Chris Pickett has a snappy new web site designed by UF Graphic Design student Marisa Falcigno. Marisa worked as a graphic designer before deciding to return to school for MFA study. She’s been a great consultant and designer for many people affiliated with Ceramics, and… Continue reading Working with drop molds with Chris Pickett

Feldspar changes

Somone just asked me about a spar substitution. My experience is that for many applications, spar substitutions within the categories of soda spars or pot (potassium) spars have some leeway and will often endure substitutions fairly easily. Unless they don’t. The “pot” or “soda” spar refers to the dominant flux in the feldspar. I suggest… Continue reading Feldspar changes

Online color resources

There are sites online where you can give the URL of an image, and it will deconstruct it into a palette. This is what it did with my banner image: On Color Hunter it’s similar: put a URL or upload an image, and it gives you the palette and the hexidecimal color numbers for… Continue reading Online color resources

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Color research

Color gives emotional tone and interest to our visual world. Color can be indulgent, luscious. Many companies that deal with color do or subscribe to color forecasting and use color stories to shape a concept around a palette. Color services make a business out of selling subscriptions to color forecasting. Lenzing manufactures fibers, and deals with color. The… Continue reading Color research

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Other People’s Blogs

It’s summer, and I’m doing desk archaeology, trying to clear off the mounds. Clay Times magazine from Winter 2010/11 had an article on blogging by Albert Avi Arenfeld, and a list of other people’s blogs. Some of my favorites below. Michael Kline         Sawdust and Dirt .  Thoughtful content. Great guest writers. Mignon Khargie      Plate a Day.  Every day,… Continue reading Other People’s Blogs


In addtion to pottery, knitting is a chance to use color, pattern, tools and techniques in the service of a functional product. Knitting is handy when you need a portable project – e.g. when you’re recovering in bed, or have l-o-n-g waits for medical or vet appointments. I’ve become a more patient waiter since I… Continue reading Knitting

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Blinded by Science

There are a couple of guys from Alfred who have a forward clay company, Matt and Dave’s Clay. I haven’t met then face-to-face, but they’re fun, lively guys, at least on the internet. For those of you who wonder about the materials WHY in ceramics, they have a Science page on their clay web site. Included… Continue reading Blinded by Science

The menu from Cafe Gratitude

My husband, Lee, is an unapologetic foodie. Particularly a California foodie. He brought home a menu from one of his pilgrimages from Cafe Gratitude that I loved, not just for the food it featured, but for the concepts of the dish names. I thought about how clever it was to think about food this way,… Continue reading The menu from Cafe Gratitude

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