Water, water everywhere

Lindsay Rogers was an established potter and resident at The Energy Exchange before returning to graduate school at University of Florida Ceramics. Tapped by Crimson Laurel Gallery, NC, to curate their fall cup show, Lindsay chose the subject of water, and invited a number of artists with diverse approaches to consider the topic and send works for… Continue reading Water, water everywhere

Video clip on flocculating glaze on Ceramic Arts Daily!

Thanks to Donna Chung for letting me know that Ceramic Arts Daily posted a video clip from the DVD I did for them. It’s a demo on flocculating glaze. Check it out. One of my favorite visual demos. http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-supplies/ceramic-glaze/video-of-the-week-how-to-flocculate-a-ceramic-glaze-for-better-coverage/

Glaze tests

My test tiles yielded a few things I thought worth trying. There’s a show coming up that’s about using the recycled iron and/or manganese from Clean Creek Products. Normally, brown is not high on my color favorites list. On majolica glaze, iron is just… brown. So, I was looking for something richer. Amber? Rust? One… Continue reading Glaze tests