A.R.T. Glazewerks Maiolica colors

Thanks to the nice people at A.R.T. Studio Clay Company, I have just tested their Glazwerks Maiolica colors on top of my standard white majolica base (listed in the Majolica and Lowfire handout here.) The tile was fired at 200 deg/hr to a cone 04 visual at about 3 o’clock (about 1950 deg F at this ramp). If you have a kiln sitter, that would be an 03 sitter cone. Right side is a double coat. The results look good – a workable substitute for the discontinued AMACO GDC colors. Yay! See the tile below. I tested 10 of the colors. The remaining test were mixes of colors. Product is listed in their catalog on page 12:

ART Glazwerks Maiolica colors on Arbuckle majolica, 04 visual cone

ART Glazwerks Maiolica colors on Arbuckle majolica, 04 visual cone