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It’s summer, and I’m doing desk archaeology, trying to clear off the mounds. Clay Times magazine from Winter 2010/11 had an article on blogging by Albert Avi Arenfeld, and a list of other people’s blogs. Some of my favorites below.

Michael Kline         Sawdust and Dirt .  Thoughtful content. Great guest writers.
Mignon Khargie      Plate a Day.  Every day, a new plate to see. Great archive.
Christa Assad        Christa is a firecracker and an active, rewarding blog author
Molly Hatch            Stripes and Dots. – views and info on historic and contemporary ceramics
Naomi Cleary         Melt My Heart . Newsy blog about her own studio and beyond

Beyond the blogs from the Clay Times article, I also enjoy:

Ben Carter              Tales of a Red Clay Rambler. Ben has great posts about his experiences in China, observations about pottery and potters, travels.Great July video clip on using color and pattern on pottery form.
Meagan Chaney       Meagan Chaney Studios. Lowfire Fridays are fun for earthenware glaze development.
Chandra DeBuse      Virtual Sketchbook. Lively, mixed observations.

Not a blog, but a good online stop: The Louise and David Rosenfield Collection. Louise and David have put their collection of 1800+ ceramic objects by noted artists online.

Meagan Chaney glaze tests from her blog.

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