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Cub Creek Foundation – Studio Assistant

 Requirements: BFA, BA or equivalent

Cub Creek will provide without cost:  Housing and evening meal (assistant will provide their own breakfast and lunch), 15’ X 20’ studio space, anagama wood firing, wood fired salt kiln, 200lbs clay per month, all utilities including phone and internet

 Cub Creek will bill at cost: Gas and Electric firing, glaze materials, clay over 200lbs per month.

 Assistant will provide 10 hours labor per week

 More info at [email protected] and

 John Jessiman

Cub Creek Foundation

4411 Wheelers Spring Rd.

Appomattox Va, 24522



Charlie Cummings Gallery – Cup: The Intimate Object X call for submissions

(This call for submissions can also be found here: )

In the fall, the Charlie Cummings Gallery will be hosting Cup: The Intimate Object X, the tenth installment of our iconic annual cup show. This year the exhibition will once again be an invitational and juried exhibition showing five cups from each participant.  We are pleased to invite artists to submit cups for consideration for this exhibition celebrating the most intimate and beloved of functional ceramic objects. To submit your cups for consideration for this exhibition, please email the following to [email protected]  by July 18th, 2014:


  1. 5 medium resolution images of the 5 actual cups you would like to send for the exhibition. Named using the following format- LastnameFirstname_01.jpg, LastnameFirstname_02.jpg… Please note capitalization. No detail shots please.
  2. Your resume or CV in PDF format.
  •  In the body of the email include: 1. Your full contact information including email, telephone, and website address.

2. A guide to the images you submit with title, type of clay, type of firing, forming process, and retail price. Please identify the entries using the naming format listed above.

There is no jury fee associated with this call for submissions. Please read carefully, incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be considered.

Exhibition calendar and details:

July 18 – Submission deadline. Aug 1 – Notifications sent. Aug 22 – Cups Shipping Deadline Aug 29 – Cup Arrival Deadline – No late cups will be accepted. Oct 4 – Exhibition opens online Oct 31 – Exhibition closes Mid-January 2015 – Cups returned.

Artist pays shipping and insurance for shipment to and from the gallery. Gallery insures cups while on the premises. CCG takes a 50% commission on all sales.

Send questions to [email protected], or call 352-359-2015.

Cup: The Intimate Object X confirmed participating artists:

Linda Arbuckle, JoAnn Axford, Posey Bacopoulos, Noel Bailey, Marian Baker, Mariana Baquero, Nolan Baumgartner, Peter Beasecker, Catherine Boswell, Brooks Bouwkamp, Jessica A Brandl, Mariko Brown, Jason Burnett, Jeff Campana, Benjamin Carter, Pattie Chalmers, Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph, Steven Cheek, Fong Choo, Linda Christianson, Mark Chuck, Naomi Cleary, Blair Clemo, Julie Covington, Carolanne Currier, Megan Daloz, Chandra DeBuse , Harris Deller, Susan Dewsnap, James Diem, Maria Dondero, Paul Donnelly, Scott Dooley, David Eichelberger, Adrienne Eliades, Sanam Emami, Heather Mae Erickson, Linda Fahey, Adam Field, Marty Fielding, Susan Filley, Brett Freund, Julia Galloway, Ernest Gentry, Bruce Gholson, Andrew Gilliatt, John Glick, Rebecca Grant, Seth Green, Mel Griffin, Martha Grover, Bianka Groves, Julie Guyot, Perry Haas, Amy Halko, Steve Hansen, Jeni Hansen Gard, Chad Hartwig, Gary Hatcher, Samantha Henneke, Autumn Higgins, Steven Hill, David Hiltner, Barbara Hoffman, Noelle Horsfield, Meredith Host, Walter Hyleck, Matthew Hyleck, Sarah Jaeger, Tom Jaszczak, Lydia Johnson, Lauren Karle, Peter Karner, Brett Kern, Kelly King, Amy Kline, Michael Kline, Barbara Knutson, Rob Kolhouse, Karin Kraemer, Justin Lambert, Martina Lantin, Dick Lehman, Glynnis Lessing, Brenda Lichman, Becky and Steve Lloyd, Lorna Meaden, Christopher Melia, Melissa Mencini, Catie Miller, Joe Molinaro, Steve Murphy, Mark Nafziger, Ted Neal, CJ Niehaus, Brooke Noble, Shawn O’Connor, Lindsay Oesterritter, Deb Oliva, Gillian Parke, Ronan Peterson, Chris Pickett, Brenda Quinn, Jeremy Randall, Beau Raymond, Dow Redcorn, John Reinking, Daphne Roehr Hatcher, Andy Romero, Audrey Rosulek, Nigel Rudolph, Max Schauder, Matthew Schiemann, Melissa Schooley, Brad Schwieger, Sam Scott, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Kate Shakeshaft Murray, Leland Shaw, Grace Sheese, Luke Sheets, McKenzie Smith, Gay Smith, Amy Smith, Andrew Steingass, Kyla Strid, Michelle Summers, John Tilton, Anne Tilton, James Tingey, Sandra Torres, Jack Troy, Sara Truman, Mikey Walsh, Julia Walther, Julie Wiggins, Philip Wiggs, Tara Wilson, Lana Wilson, Suzanne Wolfe, May Wong, Crisha Yantis, & Future Retrieval.


Arrowmont Figurative Ceramics Symposium

Plan now to attend Figurative Association: The Human Form Symposium,
September 10 – 13, 2014.

Registration begins April 8, 2014 * Call 865.436.5860  Keynote Speaker Dr. Nancy Etcoff * Panel Moderator James Sullivan * Guest Writer Edith Garcia * Closing Remarks Glenn Harper

Presenting Artists: Robert Brady * Cristina Cordova * Susan Hagen * Doug Jeck * Kris Kuksi * Elizabeth Higgins O’Connor * Bob Trotman * Christina West * Thaddeus Erdahl * Dustin Farnsworth

Invited Artists: Dean Allison * Leslie Colonna * Jacob Foran * Carmen Lang * Ashley Maxwell * Lori Norwood * Kyungmin Park * Kim Tucker * Kumi Yamashita


Position Announcement

Job Title:                               Ceramics Studio Technician, Southwest School of Art

Reports to:                          Ceramics Department Chairman

Qualifications:                    M.F.A. degree in Ceramics preferred. Technical knowledge in the firing of natural gas

downdraft kilns required. Have a general knowledge of glaze and clay materials; the physical ability to load and unload 100 cubic foot kilns; an active pursuit of exhibitions of her/his own work preferred; and general computer skills.

Position Description:       Part-time starting January 2, 2015.   The accepted applicant for this position will be

responsible for the smooth running of the ceramics studio and kiln facilities; including but not limited to, the loading and firing of natural gas downdraft kilns, the mixing of clay and glazes, repairs to studio equipment, cleaning and general oversight of the Ceramic Studio, assistance in the preparation and operation of workshops and special events as well as other specified duties. The Studio Technician should also be an artist actively pursuing professional development and exhibition of her/his own work. More detailed responsibilities of the Ceramic Stuio Techiian can be obtained on request.

Compensation: Facility:

Work schedule shall average 30 hours per week. Exact daily hours shall be determined by the need of the Ceramics Department and scheduled weekly.

Salary commensurate with knowledge and experience. Studio facility privileges. Health and Retirement benefits available.

The Ceramic studio and kiln yard at the Southwest School of Art is housed in an approximately five thousand square foot facility. The SSA Ceramic Dept. maintains two 100 cu. ft., one 60 cu. ft. and one 15 cu. ft. natural gas downdraft kilns, one 60 cu. ft. salt kiln, one Raku kiln and four electric kilns, eighteen potter’s wheels, a slab roller, two extruders, glaze spray booth, color decal printers, brick saw and the standard ceramic materials used in an educational institution.


The Southwest School of Art (SSA) is an educational non-profit institution that operates a Community Program and will be offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts Program beginning in the fall of 2014. Adult students vary in age from 18 years to seniors. Skill levels vary from novice to advance.


Send a letter of interest, resume, 20 images of recent work, and 3 letters of reference with contact information by October 31st, 2014 to:

Dennis W. Smith Chair, Ceramic Dept. Southwest School of Art 300 Augusta St. San Antonio, TX 78205 210 200 8218 [email protected] www. swschool. org


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