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Linda Arbuckle CERAMICS
workshops/lectures and events/shows

While I have enjoyed my workshop career, met wonderful people, and traveled to interesting places, I am no longer traveling to present workshops. The information I presented at workshops is on the Ceramic Arts Network through their ClayFlicks service, and runs about 2 1/2 hours of content:


In addition to the full workshop video on ClayFlicks, there are several video clips available on YouTube:

Design Considerations and Tips for Majolica

3 Great Brush Tips for Majolica Decoration

How to Flocculate a Glaze for Better Coverage

Pottery Video: Surface Compilation

Background info on my art choices and majolica demo filmed for NCECA : The Spirit of Ceramcs - Volume 6, Linda Arbuckle: Fresh Color on Pottery

I also recommend checking out the Brushwork resources on the LINKS page of my website, particularly the Alan Caiger-Smith brushwork demo.


Shows/Galleries where you may find my work


Above Board Ceramics 3rd Annual Exhibition

Online show. Sun- Sat March 12-18, 2023 AboveBoardCeramics.com is live!

updated April 5, 2023



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