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Noodle Bowls
Richard Aerni, Linda Arbuckle, Mariana Baquero, Hayne Bayless, Lesley Bevan, Catherine Boswell, Bill Brouillard, Richard Burkett, Ben Carter, Bede Clark, Avesha DeWolf, Lily Fein, Celia Feldberg, Phil Haralam, Nathan Hood, Matthew Hyleck, Walter “Wally” Hyleck, Greta Michelle Joachim, Shikha Joshi, Nikki Lau, Claire Lenahan, Reiko Miyagi, Andres Montenegro, Dwayne Nii Teiko-Sackey, Holly Oyadomari, Julie Spako, Sara Truman, Momoko Usami, Stephanie Wilhelm, Erik Wilson

Opens online Monday, December 4, 2023, 10:00am EST  
Charlie Cummings Gallery




  Arbuckle noodle bowls





Article on digital die cutter use in studio, New Tools, New Possibilities in Studio Ceramics, originally published in March 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages 54-59. . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.


Ceramic Glazes the Complete Handbook Ceramic Glazes: the Complete Handbook by Brian Taylor and Kate Doody, 2014, Thames and Hudson. Beautiful book with sections on color and materials, and pages of inspiring works with artist's comments and glaze recipes included. Top notch production with much information for potters and sculptors (and some eye candy.) Arbuckle works included pp. 216-17
Glazing Techniques Ceramic Arts Handbook Series: Glazing Techniques. American Ceramic Society. Compliation of articles on glazing. Reprise of The Colorful World of Majolica article. Free 24-page download sample available.  
Surface: A Compilation of Techniques-cover

Ceramic Arts Daily DVD: Surface: A Compilation of Techniques

"Surface decorating with the pros
When it comes to learning new surface decorating techniques, nothing beats a live demonstration. In this new compilation form Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, join Sarah Jaeger, Linda Arbuckle, Amy Sanders and Erin Furimsky as they show you some really cool ways to decorate using a variety of techniques. Gathered from their full-length videos, these robust projects focus on different ways to creatively enhance your surfaces and inspire fresh ideas."

Arbuckle majolica DVD cover

Ceramic Arts Network has my 2-DVD majolica demo.

Clips online:
Majolica Decorating Technique & Design Considerations on YouTube Design Considerations and Tips for Majolica on YouTube

They have posted an excerpt from the DVD about flocculating glaze for better application. One of my favorite visual demos.


NCECA Spirit of Ceramics vol 6 2011 NCECA Spirit of Ceramics, Vol 6, 2011, Linda Arbuckle: Fresh Color on Clay. DVD includes personal background as well as studio demo. Video trailer at the web site.  


500 Teapots Volume 2, Lark Books, 2013. Jim Lawton juror. Work pictured. P. 11, 13.

Posted online from the article in Ceramics Monthly, Jn/Jl/Aug issue, v.59 no. 6,
The Colorful World of Majolica: A Beautiful Low-Fire Pottery Glazing Technique

Maiolica, Daphne Carnegy, A & C Black, London. Work pictured, cited.
(buy from Amazon) Maiolica (Ceramics Handbooks)

  Arbuckle Yunomi Low-hanging-Purple Fruit
Arbuckle, 2015, Yunomi: Low-hanging Purple Fruit. Majolica on terracotta.

updated November 14, 2023
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